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About Us

Thank you for visiting my website! I have always had a passion for photography ever since I was given my first little Kodak camera at the age of eight. I watched both my dad and my grandfather enjoy taking pictures and loved the nights we would set up the slide projector, pop some popcorn and enjoy watching the history of our family unfold.


As each of my four children were born and watching them change so quickly, I became more and more facinated with documentating their lives with my camera. I loved posing them and loved learning what different light could do. The love of taking my own kids pictures grew into a deep love for photography. I started taking classes in photography and one class led to another class.


Just as taking pictures of my own kids is a passion so is taking pictures of others. I love getting down on the floor with them and learning about who they are. Each child is unique and no session is the same. Just as I understand how to handle a camera and control the light I also have a great understanding for children and how to connect with them and get the shot that will capture who they are in that moment of time creating a family treasure.


Along with creating the portrait I love designing books and cards. It is great to be a photographer today because there are so many ways we get to create art starting from a photograph. I look forward to meeting each of you and creating with you art that will represent your family's history for years to come.